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The Angelo Lab is a young, interdisciplinary group focused on understanding how the immune system contributes to human disease. Our lab environment is extremely collaborative, and we have projects across a wide range of subject areas. Excellent communication skills, a strong sense of scientific curiosity, and the ability to independently pursue a research project are all highly regarded skills for potential applicants.


Projects in the lab range from heavily experimental to heavily computational. As such, we welcome inquiries from prospective candidates with a variety of backgrounds, including those with expertise in Immunology, Cancer Biology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Computer Science, Statistics, Physics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Biomedical Engineering.


We are currently recruiting for positions at multiple levels, including staff scientists, postdocs, graduate students, technicians, and motivated undergrads.


Open areas of investigation in the lab include the following:

  • Profiling clinical samples from patients with cancer, infectious disease, pregnancy complications, or auto-immune disease to understand how the immune system contributes to disease-specific pathology, to predict adverse clinical outcomes, and to identify novel biomarkers to guide therapeutic development

  • Developing novel computational tools, using traditional machine learning as well as deep learning (such as CNNs, GANs, RNNs), to identify unique cell subtypes and extract informative spatial information from our rich imaging datasets.

  • Integrating MIBI-TOF with targeted RNA-seq and ATAC-seq to link changes at the protein level with transcriptional and epigenetic changes, in order to further our understanding of disease biology.

  • Designing cutting edge mass-spectrometry instrumentation to increase the resolution, throughput, and sensitivity of the MIBI-TOF to enable whole-slide imaging, as well as expand quantification to oligonucleotides and haptens.


Please send a CV and brief description of your interests to Mike at

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