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2022 MIBI Workshop

Recorded talks

Playlist of all videos here

1. Opening remarks [video]

2. Session I: Building an antibody panel

3. Session II: Generating a tissue cohort

  • Part 1: Cohort construction and staining [slides][video]

  • Part 2: Cohort acquisition considerations [slides][video]

4. Session III: Processing MIBI data

  • Part 1: Rosetta image compensation [slides][video]

  • Part 2: Evaluating Rosetta on your own data [slides][video]

  • Part 3: Quantifying MIBI sensitivity [slides][video]

5. Machine learning for reference-free alignment and dimension reduction [video]

        Barbara Englehart, Gladstone Institute

6. Session IV: Pixel-level analysis

  • Part 1: Using pixel clustering to characterize multiplexed imaging data [slides][video]

  • Part 2: Applying pixel clustering to your own data [slides][video]

7. Session V: Cell-level analysis

8. A graphical user interface to select FOVs on the MIBIscope [video]

        Marie-Liesse Asselin-Labat & Kenta Yokote, WEHI

9. Session VI: Spatial analysis

10. Closing remarks [video]

Pre-recorded talks

Playlist of all videos here

1. toffy setup [video]

2. MIBI tiling tutorial [video]

3. Image processing and extraction [video]

4. Real-time MIBI monitoring [video]

5. Reorganizing your data [video]

6. Setting up ark [video]

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